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Estonian Soldier T-shirt

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Show your support for Ukraine!

This T-shirt has an Estonian coat of arms mixed with Ukrainian coat of arms signifying the friendship of the peoples and the unwavering support of Estonians towards Ukrainians in these tough times. These two nations stand together against tyranny.

There is an Estonian official coat of arms on the right shoulder of this T-Shirt. Estonia is lucky to have a very beautiful flag of blue, black and white. The origins of the flag go back to the times where Estonia was still occupied by the tsars of Russia. the flag is part of Estonian struggle for independence. This is why Estonians understand Ukrainian struggle, we have been there.

I live in Estonia. For me and other Estonians there is one simple reality: Ukraine will be victorious! Estonia is a small country next to Russia and one of the most stubborn support nations for Ukraine. I show what I'm about with this T-shirt.

Слава Україні!

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