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In Himars we trust T-shirt

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Himars changed the war at a time when Ukrainians needed it the most. Back at that time Ukraine did not have much western support compared to nowadays and Himars saved the Ukrainians on the battlefield. Himars pushed the logistics of the enemy 50 km further from the front making it much more difficult to supply the front. This hoodie is a testimony to the weapon system that gave Ukrainians and me a lot of hope when hope was needed the most. Wear it with pride.

There is a Ukrainian official coat of arms on the right shoulder of this T-Shirt, also known as the Ukrainian trident. It is an internationally known symbol from Ukraine and there is only one way of seeing it: I support Ukrainian victory!

I live in Estonia. For me and other Estonians there is one simple reality: Ukraine will be victorious! Estonia is a small country next to Russia and one of the most stubborn support nations for Ukraine. I show what I'm about with this T-shirt.

Слава Україні!

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